Tableau Certified Associate Exam Prep Resources

  • Tableau Official Exam Guide Questions (15 Problems, hands-on + knowledge base)
  • Free Practice Quiz on
  • Tableau Official eLearning (previously FREE, currently $10 / month billed annually)
  • Tableau for Beginners: Get CA Certified, Grow Your Career

Some Recaps

  • Please make sure you have enough familiarity with Tableau’s sample dataset (YES. I am talking about that Superstore one!)
  • LOD — I read some others’ posts discussing their exam experience, most people got 1–3 problems that require LOD. In my case, I encountered 3 problems that I think LOD will give the cleanest solution and I happened to use all FIXED, INCLUDE, EXCLUDE in each of them. Overall I think LOD is just a personal preference, but it’s the core concept of Tableau so it is important to find your way to master the in-and-out of it.
  • Forecasting
  • Histogram, Box-Plot
  • Create Action
  • Create Sets
  • Dual Axis
  • Join, Blend, Cross Database Join
  • Assign geographic role
  • Differences between data sources
  • Saving as different workbook types
  • Actions
  • Parameter
  • Groups
  • Spatial file

Common Calculated Field & LOD Problem Types & Tricks

  • This is a typical LOD problem because it contains various level of detail:
  • Product categories
  • Product subcategories
  • customer
  1. Filter customers who ordered Envelopes; this step might first sound straight forward, but if we look at the dataset structure, there are cases that each Customer ID ordered multiple Product Sub-Category.
  1. Create calculation using
  1. Notice that 1 customer can be associated to 1 or more order dates
  2. This can be solved by finding the earliest order date for each customer using the combination of FIXED and MIN
  • Use calculated field to count how many order each customer had
  • Use condition to check whether the number of order is less than 5
  1. Dataset
  2. The FIXED expression first evaluates the MAX Position Rating for each Nationality + Positions combination
  3. Adding an IF Statement to compare rating of each player to the MAX Position Rating, and return the Player Name




Data Engineering & Analytics

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